Connect i800 to your IPX-800

i800 allows you to access your IPX through the internet as well as via a local network.

Selection of the connection method

Three options are available : local network connection, internet connection or automatic selection.

Connection through the internet

i800 connects to your IPX through the internet.

The main advantage of this mode is that it allows you to drive your home automation from anywhere, as long as your mobile has an internet connection (wifi, 3G, 4G, Edge...).

Connection through a local network

i800 connects to your IPX directly through a local network, without sending or receiving any data from the internet. Of course, this connection mode is only possible when you're on site: your mobile must be able to access the local network to which your IPX is connected.

Automatic selection

The i800 application first tries to connect through the configured local network. If this local network isn't detected, or can't be accessed for any reason, then i800 switches to the internet to establish a connection to the IPX.

Setup of the Internet connection

To control your IPX from anywhere, you just have to fill in the following four information :
  • the IP address of your internet router,
  • the http port of his router (default: 80),
  • your login : it's the "USERNAME" identifier that you have entered in the web interface of your IPX,
  • your password : the one that you have enter in the "PASSWORD" field in the web interface of your IPX.

For further information on the configuration of the IPX-800 relay card, please refer to the hardware manufacturer website.

Setup your local connection

Manual setup

You need to enter the five following information to access your IPX locally:
  • the IP address of your IPX on the local network,
  • the http port of the IPX,
  • the SSID of your local network (you can enter several SSIDs separated by semi-colons if necessary),
  • your login : this is the "USERNAME" identifier which you have set in the web manager of your IPX,
  • your password : the one whch you have entered in the "PASSWORD" field of the web manager of your IPX.

Autodetecting your IPX on the local network

i800 can scan the local network for you and search the connected IPX(s). Select one in the list to setup its connection in one click. You then just need to enter your login and password.

Other parameters

IPX version

i800 is compatible with IPX-800 V1 and IPX-800 V2.

Select your version by clicking on the "Version" cell.


You can setup how often i800 sends a request to the IPX in order to refresh the displayed data: inputs and relays states, counters values...

The best frequency depends on your needs: too frequent updates will cause unnecessary battery consumption.

IPX extensions

The IPX relay card supports hardware extensions offering additional relays and inputs.

In the list of this section, select the extensions you want to be displayed.
All relays, inputs and timers of unselected extensions will be hidden in all tabs of the i800 application.